Finding a hidden gem or travelling to unknown places doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style and luxury. You can get the rewards of exploring a hot new destination while enjoying comfortable or even decadent surroundings. Here are four such places, waiting for you to discover them.

Milos, Greece

The majority will be heading to Santorini or Mykonos, but you’re one step ahead if you pick this Greek island. It has more than 80 coves and beaches. That stunning backdrop of white and blue can be found in the sea and sand, volcanic landscape and traditional island architecture. 

You’ll want to swim through the Papafragas Canyon, enjoy calamari, octopus, and some of the freshest food you’ve ever tasted. You can stay in a secluded cave house with stunning sea vistas to immerse yourself in the Milos ambience. 


The dramatic landscapes of Jordan are breathtaking but might bring to mind desert treks rather than luxury. However, for the adventurous traveller, it’s possible to get a glimpse of Bedouin culture and a five-star experience. 

A private guide ensures you experience peace and quiet, as well as visiting all of Jordan’s highlights. Don’t miss the stunning nature of Wadi Rum, the UNESCO World Heritage Site at Petra, the culinary delights of Amman and the mineral-rich waters of the Dead Sea.


It’s the second smallest country in the world, but that’s easy to forget when surrounded by the opulent lifestyle of Monaco. It’s known for the stunning Monte Carlo harbour and its casinos. Many people go for the glamour and celebrities but stay for the balmy climate and pretty coastline. 

Depending on your interests, an ideal time to visit is during one of Monaco’s big events. They include the Spring Arts Festival, the Tennis Masters and the Formula One Grand Prix. 


This large island requires a little effort for a visit, you need a visa, and they aren’t free, but Madagascar is absolutely worth it. You need a sense of adventure to appreciate this biodiverse wilderness, as getting away from mass tourism can mean travelling at a slower pace.

Flora, fauna, and some of the best, most underrated beaches will be your reward. Find yourself a private villa at an ecolodge to feel like you have escaped from it all. As well as lemurs, you can look out for humpback whales, turtles and chameleons.

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